Our Office Wall Systems provides a flexible alternative to permanent walls that can easily and quickly segregate your office area into private, quiet rooms without the fuss, mess and disturbance that conventional wall construction typically provides.

FM Wall System - Floor to ceiling demountable wall with custom wood door and inset bulletin board

FM Wall System

Standard “stick-built” type wall system that provides a basic, simplistic, and permanent-looking office wall to meet your office division needs.


  • Fully demountable and flexible
  • Adaptable to your present conditions and heights
  • 2-5/8" or 3-5/8” steel stud framing system option
  • Choice of durable panels

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QZ Wall System - Conference room created with demountable sound-attenuated walls

QZ Wall System

Our QZ Wall is the choice when greater sound control (STC) is required. It utilizes the same components as the FM Wall System, but with sound reduction insulation in the wall cavity, and gasketing at all the joints.

  • Fully demountable and flexible
  • Adaptable to your present conditions and heights
  • Can achieve a STC rating of 47
  • Closed cell PVC gasketing at all joints and seams
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Zipper Wall - Demountable wall with single-line joints and aluminum full-glass door

Zipper Wall

Our Zipper Wall System features single-line joints instead of the batten system for that eye-appealing clean streamline look for any office environment.

  • Fully demountable and non-progressive.
  • Vinyl-covered gypsum panels with wrapped edges
  • Sound insulation / gasketing options
  • Anodized or white-painted aluminum top / starter / corner trim

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Glazed Wall - Full height glazed demountable wall system

Glazed Wall

Our Glazed Wall System combines our durable stick-built construction with our attractive flush-type window units that can be custom-sized to meet your design criteria.

  • Fully demountable and flexible
  • In stock anodized aluminum window components
  • Choice of glazing materials to meet your needs
  • Aluminum/glass doors available
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EZ Wall - Paintable type economy wall system

EZ Wall

Our economical wall system consists of the same “stick-built” type demountable wall but with unfinished panels and trim that can be field painted to match your existing environment.

  • Fully demountable and non-progressive
  • Flexible and adaptable to your conditions
  • Same durable construction as our FM and QZ Systems
  • Doors and window options available
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Performance Panels- Standard vinyl-covered gypsum panel

Performance Panels

The most visible part of the wall system that provides a modern and attractive appearance, with durability, flexibility and economy.

  • Choice of panel colors and sizes to meet design criteria
  • Fire-retardant panels available
  • In stock for immediate delivery

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Stain finished solid wood door with painted metal frame


Our doors are durable, low-maintenance, and appealing units that will certainly complement your office décor with our range of options.

  • Pre-finished or unfinished solid core wood doors and metal frames
  • Hollow metal door units
  • Aluminum / glazed door units
  • Single or double door configurations
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Single-glazed flush window with inset vertical blinds


Our flush type window units have the glazing on the same plane as the wall panels. These sleek and streamlined units are designed to meet your viewing requirements.

  • No standard sizes
  • Our Euro-glazed system will accommodate size required
  • Half-Glass, Clerestory, Sidelight design available
  • Choice of glass: clear, frosted, tinted or acrylic
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Rigid PVC baseboard in standard colors

PVC Baseboard

Our sleek user-friendly baseboard system installs with fasteners making for a quick, easy and mess-free installation, and easy removal.

  • Removable insert bead conceals fasteners
  • Used in any wall type: ie: our walls, gypsum or CMU walls
  • Available in Grey, Black or Brown

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As a leader in manufacturing demountable wall systems for over 70 years, Neslo offers specialized knowledge and expertise in office wall construction.

Neslo understands the importance of satisfying the demands for flexibility, durability, and appearance. Neslo Office Wall Systems provide all of that and more; its stick-built concept along with erector-set construction simplicity provides a perfect wall system that can be tailored to your precise needs, while also adapting easily to on-site conditions and irregularities. 

Each panel is reusable and existing panels can be recombined with new panels to create new configurations. Our wall systems provide a bright, clean and temporary look with minimum maintenance. Neslo delivers a cost-effective wall partitioning with built in expandability. 



Neslo walls are manufactured to the highest standards using the finest materials available. Our standard stud is either 2-5/8”or 3-5/8” deep x 18 gauge galvanized steel, assuring sturdiness, durability, superior strength and non-combustibility.



Neslo walls have been in service for over 70 years. Our years of proven experience stand behind our products worldwide.



Immediate delivery from stock inventory. There is no need to delay your schedule.



Our systems are designed to meet your needs for change effectively and efficiently, eliminating down time due to construction inflexibility. Ease of customization meets any room design or location.


Facing Materials

We offer a wide range of panels including fire retardant and non-fire retardant panels, vinyl-covered gypsum panels, unfinished gypsum panels, Melamine panels, or panels of your choice. All prefinished surfaces are ideally suited for the office environment and retain their appearance. Practical finishes with good design and contemporary styling create a comfortable environment, enhancing workers performance. Additionally, Neslo’s Flush Glazing Detail sets the standard for the industry.



Neslo partitions are easily serviced or reconfigured. The modular system allows quick and easy replacement and simplifies the contractor’s work during installation. We can manufacture custom wall systems to your most exacting specifications. 




Our office wall systems fit any design and
are quick and clean to install