Modular Wall Systems

The IW300 Industrial Wall System is our popular "stick-built" type modular system that provides a basic and simplistic industrial wall to separate your manufacturing space effectively and economically. Whether to separate your production lines, create a dust control enclosure for a special manufacturing process, or even to create a viewing corridor to separate the manufacturing area from your viewing customers, the Neslo IW300 wall system can achieve this and more!
Free-standing industrial wall with painted metal doors

Fully demountable, non-progressive construction with user-friendly components.
Easy installation and relocation, low maintenance, and easily repairable.
Flexible to meet expansion requirements with minimum disruption and down-time.
3-5/8" steel stud framing system.
Can be tailored to your precise needs.
Adaptable to on-site conditions and irregularities.
Wide range of durable, cleanable, and economical panel types for one side or both sides of the wall.
Window and door options.
In stock panels and components for immediate delivery.

Laboratory created with demountable wallsLaboratory created with demountable walls
Durable industrial wall with continuous 4 ft. high windowsDurable industrial wall with
continuous 4 ft. high windows

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