Below Ceiling Dividing Walls

When the need arises to divide a classroom, provide office space for additional staff, or furnish study cubicles and isolation areas, our demountable wall partitioning system is an easy, economical alternative to permanent walls.  When budgets are being trimmed and growing student populations require additional classroom space, the features of these versatile removable walls/temporary partitions will help maintain your costs and allow quick, economical changes as needed.
Low height demountable wall in school cafeteria
  • Easily installable and relocatable to meet the conditions of your existing facility.
  • No limitations - floor to ceiling, under ceiling, low-height type walls.
  • Complete flexibility for a selection of panel finishes - such as unfinished gypsum board that takes paint, or vinyl-covered prefinished panels in various colors that enable you to move into the space immediately after installation.
  • All exposed surfaces of moldings and accessories are either in galvanized bonderized steel ready to paint, factory painted or anodized aluminum.
  • Clean and dust free during installation and remodeling.
  • No messy and time-consuming steps of taping, compounding and sanding, thus allowing the system to maintain its flexibility.
  • Free standing wall system to create classroom storage areaFree standing wall system to
    create classroom storage area
    Low height demountable wall with attached library shelvingLow height demountable wall
    with attached library shelving

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