General Provisions

Descriptions of Systems:

Partitions shall be flush panel type 4-5/8" thick, heights as indicated by Architect/Engineer. All panels shall be capable of being individually re- movable from either side of wall at any location and reusable. Partition types and location shall be as shown on the drawings. Partitions shall pro-vide a clear cavity space for electrical and mechanical devices of 3-5/8"

Quality Assurance:
All partitions shall be installed by an authorized erector, who shall give proof of a reasonable amount of previous successful experience with the partition system.

Product Handling:
Protection. Use all means necessary to protect partition system before, during and after installation and to protect the installed work and materials of all other trades.


Clean Room partitions shall be "NESLO" Performance Wall as manufactured by Neslo Manu-facturing Co., Wolcott, Connecticut.

The partition system shall be truly demountable, non-progressive, salvageable system to satisfy the modular requirements of this project. Basic member shall be a universal "Z" shaped stud, 20 gauge, with faces slotted to accept resilient type wire clips or drill-point screws.

Floor, ceiling and wall track shall be 20 gauge galvanized steel. All vertical "Z" shaped studs up to 24 ft. high, shall be single, one-piece, unspliced studs. External horizontal moldings are to be used only where specified facing panels are not available in one-piece panels equal to partition height, and must be the same moulding as vertical moulding.

Partition Components:
Framing shall consist of the following:
A. NESLO #T-3: Floor track 20 gauge galvanized steel.
B. NESLO #Z-3: "Z" shaped 20 gauge galvanized steel studs.
C. NESLO #D-3: "C" shaped 18 gauge galvanized steel door stud.
D. NESLO #SCP: Corner post, 20 gauge galvanized steel.

Exposed trim shall consist of the following:
A. NESLO #FMA: Anodized aluminum batten strip.
B. NESLO #FBV: Vinyl insert for FMA, ICMA & OCMA.
C. NESLO ICMA: Anodized aluminum inside corner trim.
D. NESLO OCMA: Anodized aluminum for outside corner trim.
E. NESLO #WF1/2A: Anodized aluminum wall starter trim, or top trim if applicable.
F. NESLO HFMA: Anodized aluminum horizontal batten strip.

Facing Panels:
Shall be one layer of any durable, non-shedding, particle-free panel, from 1/4" to 3/4" thick, on both sides of partition, that can be snugly retained to stud with flush aluminum mouldings, which do not protrude past face of panel more than 1/16". No exposed fastenings will be allowed. No screws, nails or other devices hall be inserted into the facing panels.

1-1/8" wide x 1/8" thick closed cell polyvinyl chloride foam tape with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. Applied at all seams and joints in back of the aluminum trim on one or both sides of the wall.

Window Units:
Shall be flush, non-progressive unit, using Neslo's aluminum glazing system, size as indicated on drawing. It shall have no exposed fastenings or visible glass stops. System shall provide for single or double glazing.

All fasteners shall be metal clips and screws specially designed for application of panels to metal studs, and shall be length and pattern as recommended by Neslo Manufacturing.

Wall Base:
Shall be our VB-4, 4" high rigid PVC type base with horizontal insert bead so as to conceal the fastening screws. Applied to the bottom of the partitions in 10' lengths. Color: Black, Brown or Grey.

Door Units:
Door Frame-Steel:
Shall be 16 gauge hollow metal wrap-around type, size as indicated on drawing, with three 4-1/2" hinge prep and ASA strike prep. Frames shall be installed plumb and level, anchored to the floor and to the 18 gauge door stud on each side.

Door Frame-Aluminum:
Shall be .110" thick extruded aluminum alloy material (6063-T5), with clear anodized finish,  1-3/4"wide x 4-1/2" deep x size of opening as indicated on drawing. Frame shall have snap-on stops, threshold, and prepped for two (2) 4-1/2" hinges and deadlock strike. Frames shall be installed plumb and level, and anchored to the 18 gauge door studs on each side.

Shall be 1-3/4" thick, 18 gauge hollow metal flush type, honeycomb core, factory primed and prepped for hinges and lockset.
Vision lites, such as 12" x 12", 5" x 20", or 24" x 30", with clear safety glass inserts, are optional. Doors shall be hung on frames with three (3) 4-1/2" ball-bearing type hinges, US26D finish.

Shall be 1-3/4" thick, .110" thick extruded aluminum alloy material (6063-T5), narrow stile, full glazed type with clear anodized finish. Door includes two (2) 4-1/2" ball-bearing type hinges, standard push/pull hardware, and cylinder type deadlock. Option: 1/4" thick lower aluminum panel with stucco finish, instead of full glass type, is available. NOTE: Glass to be furnished and installed by others.

Other Materials:
All other materials, not specifically described, but required for a complete and proper installation of partition should be new, first quality of their respective kinds, in strict accordance with the recommendations of Neslo Manufacturing.

Partition Erection:
Studs and Runners:
Layout of partitions shall be straight and plumb. Ceiling and floor runners shall be securely attached without damage to the structure.

Install panels, steel studs and trim members in accordance with Neslo Manufacturing Company's installation instructions. Partition contractor must verify that additional material will be available in 6-8 working days from receipt of written order for changes and additions to base contract.

Install all panels plumb, level and with all vertical joints on bearing stud. Conceal all connections to walls, floors, ceiling and connections between gypsum panels.

Install all aluminum trim in strict accordance with Neslo Manufacturing's recommendations, paying particular attention to make all trim plumb, level and true-to-line, with firm attachment to supporting members.

All cutouts for electrical and mechanical devices within the partition shall be the responsibility of the partition contractor.

Doors, frames, hardware and baseboard shall be installed by the partition contractor.

No limitation, exceptions or exclusions regarding (1) Materials, (2) engineering properties, (3) gauges, (4) finishes, (5) availability, and/or (6) method of Installation, shall be made in the ultimate conformance with the above conditions.

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