Glazed Wall Systems

GL-Glazed System is a system of glazing without prefabrication and pre-engineering. The flush type glazing design provides a unique system that not only is flexible, attractive and functional, but also provides unlimited options of style, size of glazed units, and single or double glazing. Whether you need half-glass type walls, full height (floor to ceiling) type glazed walls, door side lites, or walls with clerestory glazing, the GL-glazing system is the system that can meet these or your exact needs. 

The addition of a singular aluminum extrusion (Part #EG2A) along with our special glass gasketing (Part #Euro-D and/or Euro-S) to our standard stock framing and trim components, used in our other wall systems, permits on-the-job fabrication and flexibility. There are no visible mechanical fasteners nor any visible glass stops. The double-glazed feature provides you with the most efficient sound barrier and acoustical privacy. The GL-glazing system with double-glazing is rated at an STC of 40.

The GL-Glazing Wall System, another quality system in our fleet of wall systems, with the same trademark features---- Flexible, Functional, Attractive, and Fully Demountable/Reusable.

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